Foul Play

Foul Play Movie-1978, Beware of the Dwarf, Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Dudley Moore, Brian Dennehy

Foul Play - 1978
Monday, February 29, 2016 - 4:46 PM
2/29/2016 FOUL PLAY with Goldie Hawn & Chevy Chase & Dudley Moore HomeVideos.
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FOUL PLAY (1978)
This romantic comedy set within the film genre of a Hitchcockstyle
suspense mystery, tells the adventures of librarian Gloria Mundy, who finds
love in an unexpected place, while being chased by some rather scary folks.
They are all after a microfilm cassette hidden in a cigarette pack that was
given to her without her knowledge, by a hitchhiking
undercover cop, who
later dies in her arms at the movie theatre.
The cast includes: Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Burgess Meredith, Dudley
Moore, Brian Dennehy, and Billy Barty.
Written and directed by Colin Higgins.
"Beware of the Dwarf", whispers the hitchhikerturneddate,
to the
beautiful librarian, Gloria Mundy (Goldie Hawn), as he dies in her
lap, bleeding amidst the popcorn, midway through a screening of
"This Gun Is Mine," at the NuArt
Theater. Suddenly, Goldie finds
herself in a crazy world of "wild chases, bizarre attempts on her life",
and scary, "deadly encounters with an assortment of weird
underworld characters," all because she followed the advice of her
girlfriend, who, at a prenuptial party, told her to come out of her
divorce shellshocked
state, and once again take some chances with
dating men again.
Her adventures began after picking up a handsome hitchhiker with
car trouble, who is an undercover cop, on her way back to San
Francisco, where she works and lives. She doesn't notice that a
black sedan is following her. Before dropping him off in the city,
Scotty gives her his cigarette pack, because he is trying to quit.
Inside the pack is a roll of exposed film hidden inside, that Gloria
doesn't know about or notice. The film is the gathered evidence
against the bad guys who are about to attempt an assassination of
the Pope. Scotty and Gloria decide to go to see a movie together,
where she would give him back the cigarettes.
When Scotty fails to meet her, she goes inside the theater. He finds
her in the theater, sits down next to her, tries to warn her about an
upcoming murder, and warn her about the bad guy who shot him.
She thinks he is talking about the film, but when he dies in her lap,
she screeches and goes to find the theater manager. When he stops
the film and turns on the lights, Scotty's body is no where to be
She finds herself that same night being chased by an albino thug,
but she escapes into a bar where she asks Stanley Tibbits (Dudly
Moore) to take her to his place. Humor reigns at Tibbits apartment.
For now she was safe.
However, during closing time at the library the next day, Gloria is
attacked by the albino man, Whitey Jackson (William Frankfather)
who tries to knock her out with Chloroform. She manages to escape.
She goes home to be surprised by a scary man, Scarface (Don Calfa)
in her bathroom, asking her for the pack of cigarettes. While he tries
to strangle her, she fights back and sticks him with her knitting
needles, wounding him. As she is calling the police, her attacker
approaches her with a firepower, but he is stabbed by a flying knife
thrown at him through the window by, you guessed it, Whitey
Jackson. Gloria Faints.
When she awakes, she finds Tony Carlson (Chevy Chase), a
handsome, San Francisco police detective sitting beside her. This
same Tony had already met Gloria at the abovementioned
prenuptial party, and had struck out socially with Gloria Mundy
2/29/2016 FOUL PLAY with Goldie Hawn & Chevy Chase & Dudley Moore HomeVideos.
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(Goldie Hawn). Now, Tony and his partner, Fergie (Brian Dennehy)
find themselves unexpectedly becoming personally and
professionally involved with all the "odd things" happening to
Gloria, as the plot thickens, though at first no one believes her
story, not even Gloria's apartment manager and good friend, Mr.
Hennessey (Burgess Meredith). Everything was cleaned up, and
again there was no dead body.
Written in the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock, "Foul Play" is a comedic
screenplay written and directed by the very talented writer, Collin
Higgins who died of aids in 1984. He had a gift of being able to
intermingle comedy with suspense and action to create very
entertaining films.
Besides the Chase and Hawn scenes, the Billy Bardy /Hawn scene,
the Dudley Moore/Hawn scenes, and the scrabble scene are all very
funny, welldirected
bits of comedy. For the scarier, Hitchcock type
footage, check out the closing time library scene, the following
apartment scene, the abduction & escape scene, the massage parlor,
and the last 20 minutes of the movie.
The entire ensemble of actors/actresses was wellcast,
and all work
well together, to create a very funny, entertaining, suspenseful
Hawn and Chase have great onscreen
chemistry, and make a very
believable pair, trying to get to the bottom of it all.
Rachel Roberts as Delia Darrow and Eugene Roche as the
Archbishop Thorncrest & his brother make great dastardly bad guys
behind the plot.
The late William Frankfather, who had a long and successful career
as an actor, is appropriately creepy as Whitey Jackson, who scares
the heck out of Gloria on several occasions.
Great supporting performances by Burgess Meredith, Brian
Dennehy, and Billy Barty add to the dramatic and comedic color of
the story.
The moving musical score was by Charles Fox. The popular
opening song was sung by Barry Manelow.
This movie should be very entertaining for older children through
adults. Not for young children or children with sensitive psyches.
Parent Guide: There is mild violence in the movie, but hardly any
blood is shown. Does have one or two potty words spoken, and 2,
unspoken 4 letter ones (Scrabble scene with elderly ladies). Some
mild kissing between Chase and Hawn, but no bedroom scenes are
shown on film.
If you enjoyed FOUL PLAY, you may like THE LADY VANISHES,
Quote: "The bad guys are after your ass.
It's my job to get there first."
2/29/2016 FOUL PLAY with Goldie Hawn & Chevy Chase & Dudley Moore HomeVideos.
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